Once more unto the breach…

photo credit: drp via photopin cc

photo credit: drp via photopin cc

If you believe in the change we helped initiate this years, I encourage you to support Sergey for W3C Technical Architecture Group – here is why.

But you are probably weary of hearing about W3C Elections.  I get it.  To be honest, I am a bit weary myself.  We’ve done a lot in a very short time and it can begin to seem like it will never end.

But, in fact, it will end very soon:  Midnight tomorrow to be exact (Tues, July 16th 2003).  Whether you do anything or not, when you wake up on Weds, it will be over.

Do something.

Until then, you still have a chance to make a difference!  Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!!  Unlike committing your life to a battle, it really couldn’t be easier to support the cause of reform we helped get rolling this year:

  • If you are an AC rep – just vote.
  • If you know an AC rep, send them an email.
  • If you are just a regular Joe or Jane developer – state your support on Google+, Twitter, Facebook or wherever – you’d be surprised how connected we all are and how likely it is that someone who might help could see it.  In the very least this helps show popular support, which is relevant no matter who wins.


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